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By Your Home Admin 27 Jan 2023 16:07

After your initial visit to our Norwich home design showroom and a brief introduction from a member of our customer liaison team the process begins with a few simple questions.

This not only establishes where you are at with your ideas but also to get an inkling as to any timescales you may be working within.

At this stage we ask and listen over a cuppa and start to get to know you.

It is informal, there is no pressure and it is free. Purely introductory.

Expert Design Specialists

We can then get you booked in for an appointment with one of our consultants who will call you for a brief chat and to introduce themselves to you.

Between you both you can decide whether it is best to meet at our showroom or the site of your project.

In order to create the best blend of practical, innovative, thoughtful, inspired and affordable for you we need to establish all the key points in your household lifestyle and environment. With unerring dedication and expertise we know what to look for and we know what questions to ask, so don’t worry. We are here for you.

Beautifully tailored to your dreams 

Our designs are bespoke to you and your home.

It might well be that you have spent hours creating your own mood boards from Instagram or pinterest – images which have piqued your fancy. Show us these ideas.

We have the knowhow and the experience to guide you through what is best for you. We will blend the inspirational with the practical to suit you. With so many ‘hidden’ challenges we know exactly what we are doing and what will and won’t work for you.

You bring to us

Here’s a list of things that would be helpful for us to have from you

Architect/Building plans/dimensions
Locations of utilities such as water, waste, electric/gas (especially important for kitchen islands)
Name your key must haves
Show us any mood boards
Name must have appliances
Tell us about any (non essential) wishlists
Have a rough idea of budget/affordability
No two projects are ever the same

Sloping ceilings, low ceilings, curved walls, hidden alcoves or large windows can be turned from being an issue into a glorious feature. Bespoke room designs take a lot of time, care and attention to detail to bring together. This is not something that can be rushed. Planning well in advance is essential.

It’s not just a case of you agreeing on a colour palette or a worktop, items need to be made to order, appliances need to be requested, trades need to be lined up and deadlines need to be met. If your project involves building work then we recommend planning your rooms beforehand, especially if it involves major changes such as new floor levels, bigger windows or new door placements. Every millimetre is a perfect millimetre within the plans. We are dedicated to ensuring meticulous planning in order to avoid costly changes further down the line.


We are passionate about every project we take on. We strive for exceptional. Every stage of our design service is expertly managed by us from your initial appointment to all final adjustments and finishes. We aim to deliver above and beyond what we promise. Your Home is our speciality.

If it's home design in Norfolk then you've found the right people to speak too.

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