Best Boiling Water Tap - Quooker or Zip?

By Your Home Admin 30 Jan 2023 13:40

Quooker vs Zip

Are you looking for a boiling water tap? How do you know which brand is right for you?

Spoiler alert, we did all the research you would ever need to consider and the results for us were unanimous: we are committed retail partners with Zip Taps

Why are boiling taps so popular?

Boiling water taps are state of the art tech, with their energy efficient convenience, they are a desirable functional focal point for any kitchen. Throw away your antiquated kettle which you won’t be needing any more. Both brands feature iconic taps which are works of art in their own right. Both brands have features which will delight those of you who demand form and function.

What are the functional options of a boiling tap?

Instant boiling water is there at the top of the list for most folks. So whether it’s for your ideal cup of tea or your rather exotic coffee choice (from tap to cup/cafetiere) it’s instant, straight from the tap. Similarly filling your pan with boiling hot water for your boiled eggs or your healthy veggies. Sterilising your baby equipment.

It’s not just a gain in extra workspace, it’s time saving and instant.

Fresh filtered drinking water – chilled.

Fresh filtered sparkling water – chilled.

Safety features – both brands have safety features to prevent children from harming themselves. No boiling kettle to man handle and carry or knock over. Easy to fill a hot water bottle direct from a tap than from a kettle or a pan. Been there, done that. Painful.

Environmental benefits – how many one-use plastic bottles do you think your family has got through and disposed of in a year? Multiply this by all the years you’ve been doing it.. it’s a staggering number. Plastic, just dumped over and over again. The filtered water from both Quooker and Zip is just as pure as mineral water with a much smaller carbon footprint to go with it.

Water efficient – you only use as much water as you need. All of us have been guilty of boiling a half full kettle for just that one quick cup of tea.

Convenience – this time saving piece of luxury is the one go to place for everything, giving you more time to sit, relax and chat. Everything is at the touch of a button. Up to five functions from a single tap.

Which brand of boiling tap should I choose?

The two biggest and most popular brands on the market right now are Quooker and Zip. This makes it easier for you to compare. Both brands cater for commercial and domestic markets. Solely concentrating on the domestic market for this piece the two most popular models are Quooker Pro3-VAQ and the Zip HydroTaps.

Having looked at Quooker taps it really was a no brainer for us to choose Zip Taps every time.

The reasons why we choose to sell Zip Taps:

  1. Zip Taps are already the best selling boiling water tap in the commercial zone including University of East Anglia, Lakeland and the NHS.
  2. Zip Tap neatly dispenses ‘boiling water’ at 98°C whereas Quooker tends to steam and splutter out at 100°C
  3. Zip Tap dispenses quicker than Quooker
  4. Zip Tap is not as loud as Quooker
  5. Zip Tap is easier to use than Quooker
  6. Zip Tap filtered chilled water is (measured over an annual climate) colder than Quooker
  7. Zip Tap dispenses 4ltrs water per minute wheareas Quooker dispense 2.4ltrs
  8. Zip Tap provides near constant instant hot water due to 16 different heating levels within the command centre whereas Quooker takes longer to reheat a fresh tank.
  9. Zip Tap comes with 3 years parts & labour warranty
  10. Zip Tap command centre unit is shorter than Quooker’s and so easier for installation within a cabinet.